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MinistryHouseSign_300x387Ministry House is a hospital for the broken, where the Holy Spirit ministers to each individual exactly where they are in their life. It is a place where people can take off their masks and be themselves, and don’t have to act like everything is ok. It is a group of imperfect people learning how to trust God in all areas of our lives and surrender to whatever God is trying to accomplish in us. Jesus is our Higher Power who helps us become more faithful believers, and heals us of our hurts, habits and hang-ups. Join us for Worship and the Word on Sundays at 10:30 am and Celebrate Recovery on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 pm.

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Join Us tonight @ 7 pm 347 Holly Street, Canton Ga. 30114 ...

Celebrate Recovery - Tuesday Nights at 7pm for ANYONE with a Hurt, Habit or Hang Up of any kind... Take the first step to a Spiritual Healing...

Celebrate Recovery - Tuesday Nights at 7pm for ANYONE with a Hurt, Habit or Hang Up of any kind... Take the first step to a Spiritual Healing... ...

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Women's Conference Canton Ga

July 30, 2016, 9:00am - July 30, 2016, 2:00pm

Ladies, it is time for our first Women's Conference. We are pleased to announce our main speaker, Glenda Nichols. You would submit issues anonymously you are dealing with beforehand, so common issues could be addressed in the group. Saturday, July 30 from 9 to 3 at Ministry House. $20/person includes lunch and will pay for speakers. Let me know if you are in. Thanks. REGISTRATION: ministryhouse.org/events/womens-conference-saturday-july-30-2016-from-9-am-3pm/

We just found that Chris Collett wrote an article in the Cherokee Tribune on 7/15/16 about Ronnie Haynes! We are so incredibly humbled that God would do that for Ministry House and our pastor!

CHRIS COLLETT: Walking the straight and narrow
Chris Collett
Updated Jul 15, 2016

While summer brings vacations for many that are fortunate enough to be able to take one, it also brings other things to our community. Two of those things are Vacation Bible School and summer revivals.
Although both are meant to teach people about Jesus, revivals are set aside especially for winning souls to the Lord. And though they might not be as popular as they once were, they are still incredibly important to the afterlife to all of those who believe.
Not all churches have revivals. I certainly have no judgment for that. But hopefully, all churches have the basic goal to lead people to Jesus. If they don’t, what really is the use?

As I have stated several times, I grew up in a Baptist church that my folks would refer to as country. We had revival. We had Vacation Bible School. I have heard people shout. I have seen people get saved. Some might refer to that as making a decision. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, although some would disagree, it is a decision. It’s a decision to believe.
No matter where I worship, I will never fully get away from my upbringing. This is true at least in my heart. However, reflecting on revival made me think about something I would hear some preachers say during one of these services. They would welcome the congregation and then say something like, “Sinner friend, you are our special guest.”
Under no circumstance do I claim to be a Bible scholar. Nevertheless, everything I have read teaches that we are all sinners. Some of us are saved. Some of us are not. But we are all sinners. So a statement like that could have a negative effect. I know of no one with the authority to point out who has accepted Jesus and who hasn’t. And I am relatively sure, not one person in the revival meeting is without sin. That would include the preacher.
The Rev. Ronnie Haynes has spoken openly about his sobriety. He has gone for years walking the straight and narrow. And though I have never been to his church, Ministry House, I know many people that have.
I have known Ronnie since high school. In many ways, our lives have taken similar paths. Yet, there is one major difference.
My life has been a series of ups and downs. I’ll do good for a while then bad for a while. It’s not that I don’t know right from wrong. It’s just that I don’t always make the best decisions.
Ronnie has stayed the course for many years. He is a preacher. He is a pastor. And God is blessing his works.
What makes him different than some others in his profession? Why is God blessing him so much in his ministry? I’m glad you asked.
You see, I believe Ronnie is truly following the teachings of the Bible. I believe anyone could attend his church regardless of their past or present condition and be accepted. I seriously doubt he cares if you’re divorced, have been in jail or have numerous skeletons falling out of your closet. He’s not a judge. He’s a servant.

It reminds me of something the Rev. Matt Sapp preached about one time at Heritage. He said as a church we had a habit of inviting them in but not accepting them until they had accepted Christ. He went on to say we should accept folks as they are just as we have been accepted by Christ as we are. It was a powerful message. He lives it. So does Ronnie Haynes.
I talked to Ronnie this week and told him how proud I am of his great works. He responded by saying he felt humbled that God would even use someone like him.
It is that humbleness that gives him success. It is that attitude that brings people to him that might not feel good enough to worship anywhere else.
If there has ever been a time in our history that we need revival, it is now. But the word revival means more to me than people accepting Christ. It also means that we that have accepted him try a little harder to behave like it.
The world is full of problems. Our nation seems to be taking steps backward when it comes to acting right. And these problems won’t be fixed by politicians.
Only God can fix it. Along with servants as humble as Ronnie.

Chris Collett is a lifelong resident of Cherokee County.

Chris Gould will be sharing a Sermon with us this Sunday!!! Please come join us if you do not have home Church as we would love to have you... We may be a small Church, but God shows up BIG!!!! ...

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