Finding God At The Bottom

When you get to the bottom, God is there with you.


Ps. 139:7-10                        James 4:6,7                         2 Cor. 1:7-8

The deepest place in the ocean-  Challenger Deep-  Marianas Trench

35,814 ft-   Almost 7 mi

Life will drive you to the bottom.

A  God will get/have our attention.

God will design our trip to the bottom, not because we did something wrong,

But because we did something right.    John 15

B. The decisions we make at the bottom are life changing-

Don’t put up a mailbox.

C.  Bitter or better

Can we learn to Run to the Lord?  The bottom is not designed to kill us

But to redeem us.

D.   This is where we recognize our need and we humble ourselves.

Humble- we acknowledge our need   Pride- we have no need      James 4:6

We must finally acknowledge-  No Control-    We cannot help Ourselves.

2 Cor. 1:7-8

E.   At the bottom we will finally ‘Run out of Answers’.     Even questions……

We get still……….WE then get peace.